Thrissur Railway Passengers' Association, TRPA is the confluence of all the stake holders who are interested in the development of Railway facilities in and around Thrissur. Naturally, all the people who avail Railway facilities from Thrissur and other neighbouring stations are automatically the members of this association. Due to the historic reasons, commuters from Thrissur towards Ernakulam, Kozhikode and Palakkad sides form the active group. TRPA always stands for meeting the public demands and this process is well supported by Railway Men, Political Leaders and the Media in Thrissur. The tireless efforts by TRPA in achieving the long standing basic requirements of Thrissur are well recognised and appreciated by one and all. TRPA is committed to continue its service to the society at large, cutting across all divisions. "Our prime focus is on the sustainable improvement of rail service in the country to world class levels with special emphasis on Thrissur"

Saturday 31 October 2015

Doubling & Electrification of Konkan Railway

(Mathrubhumi Mumbai dt 9-11-2015)
(Malayala Manorama dt 9-11-2015)
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(Mathrubhumi dt 1-11-2015)

VIKALP on trial

(Mathrubhumi dt 1-11-2015)
(Malayala Manorama dt 1-11-2015)

Friday 23 October 2015

Fast tracking of Rail Projects

(Malayala Manorama dt 24-10-2015)

Goods service to begin

(Times of India dt 25-10-2015)
(Mathrubhumi dt 25-10-2015)
(Malayala Manorama Palakkad dt 25-10-2015)
(Deepika dt 24-10-2015)

Wednesday 21 October 2015

Finally MoU & JV

(Times of India dt 24-10-2015)
(Deepika dt 24-20-2015)

(Deccan Chronicle dt 24-10-2015)
(Masthrubhumi dt 26-10-2015)
(Malayala Manorama dt 22-10-2015)
(Mathrubhumi dt 21-10-2015)

Thursday 15 October 2015

More trains to Palakkd

(Mathrubhumi Mumbai dt 16-10-2015)

Doubling & Electrification of Konkan Railway

(Mathrubhumi dt 16-10-2015)
(Malayala Manorama dt 16-10-2015)


(Malayala Manorama dt 16-10-2015)
(Mathrubhumi dt 16-10-2015)

Passenger trains reduce coaches

Commuters have been inconvenienced as railway has reduced the number of coaches on passenger trains causing chaos during the peak hours in the morn ings and evenings.
Passenger trains passing through the city usually have around 15 to 16 coaches for the commuters that de pend on them on a daily ba sis, but according to passengers, over the past 10days there have been just 11 to 12 coaches on trains including the Guruvayur-Ernakulam, Guruvayur-Punalur and Ernakulam-Shornur passenger.
On Thursday, around 50 passengers were left behind at the Edappally station after the Ernakualm-Shornur passenger was not only short of coaches, but the first three were locked. “There were no prior announcements and many of us were left outside the train,“ Manikandan RD of the Ernakulam Railway Passengers Association.
(Times of India dt 16-10-2015)