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Wednesday 23 March 2016

Rlys to monitor Guruvayur train

Thanks to pressure from passengers, the Thiruvananthapuram railway division has started to monitor the running status of Ernakulam Junction-Guruvayur Passenger (train no 56376) regularly .
Hundreds of passengers hailing from the northern part of Kerala and employed in Ernakulam and suburbs depend on this train. But the passenger has been running late by hours as it has to make way for at least half a dozen express trains daily .
“Following repeated complaints from passengers, we have started monitoring the train like we did Ernakulam Junction-Shoranur Junction Passenger (train no 56607) last year.The Shoranur-bound passenger is now running on time. We hope to run the Guruvayur train also on time, at least, till Thrissur,“ said Rajesh Chandran, Ernakulam area manager, Southern Railway .
“If it follows the schedule, it will be highly beneficial for passengers coming to Ernakulam. We have been repeatedly informing senior railway officials about the late running of the train. Now with Twitter and Facebook, we are finding it easier to air our grievances directly to higher officials, including those in Chennai.The results are obvious,“ said R D Manikandan, convenor, Edappally Railway Passengers' Association.
Meanwhile, passengers like Shaheer Mohammed, a Chavakkad resident who takes the train till Guruvayur during weekdays, want the railways to monitor the passenger till the last station.
“There are people from Vadakkancherry , Kunnamkulam, Pattambi and other areas who depend on this train. It leaves Thrissur at 9.15pm and takes one-and-ahalf hours to cover the 23km Thrissur-Guruvayur stretch. It will be helpful if authorities can increase the speed limit of trains between Thrissur and Guruvayur,“ he said.
Passengers said that though the speed limit was increased from 50 kmph to 80 kmph on the stretch, it has not reflected in the actual running of the train.
(Times of India dt 24-3-2016)

New CAO & CE

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Tuesday 22 March 2016

Robbery in trains

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Saturday 19 March 2016


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To make TCR clean

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Friday 18 March 2016

Tuesday 8 March 2016

New inquiry counter at Ekm Jn stn

Railway authorities have set up a reservation-cum-inquiry counter at the second entry (Karshaka Road) in Ernakulam Junction railway station.The counter came into operation on Tuesday. It was a long-pending demand of the passengers to open a counter on the eastern side, as there was no facility to check the train running status, PNR status, train's platform details, etc.
“Now, the officials at the reservation counter will also pass on details sought by the passengers. The counter will function from 9am to 5pm as in the past,“ said a railway source.
As majority of passengers have started using online reservation facility , the rush at the reservation counters in railway stations, particularly in Thiruvananthapuram division, has come down drastically “Today , over 90 per cent of the long-distance passengers are reserving their tickets online.Even the migrant labourers have now started availing online reservation facility . So, the rail way is now planning to divert the staff strength in the reservation counters to other facilities and services. Introduction of a reservation-cum-inquiry counter at the second entry is part of this move,“ the source added.
(Times of India dt 9-3-2016)

MAHASHIVRATRI - Special Aluva train a hit with devotees Kochi:

The special train service operated in connection with the Aluva Mahashivratri on Tuesday turned out to be a huge relief for devotees.
Railway authorities said at least 2,300 people took the Thrissur-Kannur passenger (56603) that started from Aluva on Tuesday.
“People had started flocking the railway station from 2am onwards.We operated five counters, four in the first entry and one in the second entry and issued over 2,300 tickets in just two hours. A special wing was deployed to ensure that passengers boarded the train with valid tickets only. Maximum number of tickets were sold from the second entry, where we had set up a temporary ticket counter,“ said a railway official.
Since it was a passenger train, the revenue was moderate around Rs 47,000. “Majority of the passengers alighted at the stations up to Thrissur while we also had tickets sold out till Tirur,“ the official added. The train witnessed huge rush. “It had only 12 compartments.There would not have been any free space if around 150 people would have boarded the compartment.And on Tuesday, there were nearly 200 people, mostly women, boarding each compartment from the origin point itself. Next time, we will request to have more compartments attached to the service,“a railway official said.
Railway as well as the Aluva Siva temple authorities had given wide publicity for the service.
The Coimbatore-­Thrissur passenger (56605) that was extended till Aluva on Monday night also witnessed heavy rush.Both the trains had stopped at all stations en-route.
(Times of India dt 9-3-2016)

Good Bye Louis Master

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