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Thursday 30 August 2012

Booking of e-tickets in IRCTC to get easier

Mumbai: Booking your ticket may get easier and faster through Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) website. It has plans to come up with a Rolling Deposit Scheme where user can book tickets against the amount deposited with IRCTC. 
Pradeep Kundu, Joint General Manager, Public Relations, IRCTC said, “Under the scheme, a user can deposit money in advance with IRCTC and use RDS as a payment option amongst the other payment options available on IRCTC website for paying money at the time of booking tickets.” 
It is proposed to have a onetime registration fee of Rs. 200 – 250 and minimum deposit of around Rs. 1,500 – 2,000, The top-up of RDS account balance can be done by using any of the available Payment Gateways and a user can transfer the money from his Bank Account to IRCTC Bank account and book tickets using that RDS account. Users can manage his account online and also top up online. 
IRCTC claims that RDS account system will be more efficient and advantageous compared to the transaction carried out through Payment Gateways of banks. 
Kundu said, “As of now, after selecting the payment option, the customer is redirected to the Pay
ment Gateway where he enters the credit card details. Subsequently he is redirected to either VBV (Verified by Visa) service or Master Secure service where he has to enter the transaction password and validate. This entire process consumes substantial amount of transaction time.” 
Moreover, in the payment gateway system very often one enters wrong password and therefore, has to revalidate it. After which when the customer is finally redirected back to IRCTC site the session may time out and as a result his ticket is not booked. 
 Kundu said, “The same can be saved by the user by using the RDS account since the entire transaction is internal and there is no dependency on a third party Payment Gateway.” 
In the RDS system, user's dependency on bank is reduced.

(Manthan K Mehta TNN, Times of India dt 31-8-2012)


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